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When I turned 40, I longed to add deeper meaning to my work. I guess I’ve always been a philosopher and wanted to share some observations I’ve made during my journey. While continuing to work on my mural art line, I began to pray for guidance. While raising two young children, I tried to carve out quiet time while they napped. During one of these meditations, (OK, I was in the shower. What do you expect? I had two, small kids and it's one of the only places that I could be alone! Don't judge) my mind was filled with motivational words and their meanings. They were action verbs of how to create a more meaningful life and the meanings weren’t like those in the dictionary but more akin to poetic verse. (Yes, I had to grab a towel and something to write on! Now let me get back to dispersing wisdom.) Soon, I had pages of them - almost 200 uplifting definitions. (No, not all of them came to me while showering.) I knew from that first moment of inspiration that these messages were meant to be shared. So far, I have illustrated over 54 of them using a colorful, expressive style that enhances their uplifting messages. I have had so much fun! To make the figures more relatable to everyone, I created abstracts depicting people with few external features while focusing on their spiritual essence.

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